Your amazing volunteers donate their time, efforts, and skills to help grow your nonprofit community and have a positive impact on the community. A great way to show your gratitude is by rewarding them with a volunteer appreciation gift, on a budget. It doesn't have to be a lavish gift basket but a small, thoughtful thank you gift for volunteering their services and helping your cause.


Fun fact: 75% of volunteers stated they want to be recognized for their hard work and shown how they have made a difference in the community. So how can you do this? Send them a small gift box, with a thoughtful thank you note, filled with one to two items that speak to your organization. Here are two popular, budget-friendly options you can send today:
Everyone indulges in a treat every now and then. Caramel popcorn being up there on the list of the best snacks ever! Our Artisanal Caramalized Popcorn with vanilla bean cocoa nib is a fantastic, budget-friendly way to send thanks. 
Almost everyone starts their day off with a brew or a cup of tea. Why not send a memorable, branded mug their way so each morning they're reminded of how valued they are at your organization. Our glass mugs are excellent because of their blank slate and provide infinite branding opportunities. 


Without the help of your volunteers, you wouldn't be able to have the impact your nonprofit has on the community. There simply wouldn't be enough hands on deck.  Volunteer thank you gifts are a crucial component to their satisfaction and motivation to keep coming back year after year. In turn, you decrease your volunteer turnovers. After all, it takes time and money to train every new volunteer, so let's retain them! Another reason why you should gift your volunteers...acquiring new volunteers! Word of mouth is powerful and them letting their friends know they work with an amazing organization, that values their efforts, could result in more helping hands for you!


Woodgreen Organization has been around for over 85 years and is one of the largest social service agencies in Toronto, Canada. They came to us with a task of putting together 300 volunteer recognition kits, that were budget friendly yet memorable. The kits needed to be sent out after their virtual volunteer thank you event. Woodgreen knew they wanted a branded mug and a treat included in the kits.
When we asked what brought them to the decision to send our volunteer thank you gifts this year, they informed us their turnover was almost 75% every single year and to help retain their fantastic volunteers, they needed to change it up and do something different! Hence, the volunteer recognition kits.
Here is how they turned out...
Featuring a branded mug and Real Treat Cookies, these kits not only came in at their budget but also turned out aesthetically pleasing. We used a corrugated mailer box to save on shipping costs and ivory crinkle paper to ensure the safe arrival of the mug. 
The management team at Woodgreen Organization wanted to include a thank you message directly on the mug, so each time the volunteer used it, they would remember they are valued. And of course, the branded logo was a must. 
Remember, incorporating volunteer appreciation gifts into your nonprofit organization doesn't have to break the bank. A meaningful thank-you note and sweet treat can show your gratitude in an inexpensive way. Volunteers play in integral role in the success of your organization so continue to acknowledge and appreciate them.

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