Corporate Staff Appreciation Gifts can sometimes miss the ball - but they don't have to. Over the past few years, there has been an increasing demand for gifts that are eco-friendly, sustainable, zero-waste, and ethically made. This year, help your brand and employees embrace a sustainably-friendly work life. In this post, we'll help you discover how sustainable corporate gifting can work for your company. Stay until the end to see how we helped VOLVO achieve the sustainable  giving goal. 


Gifting sustainably is aiming to use low or zero waste products, which are eco-friendly, natural, support fair wages, and give back to the planet. In 2022, more employers are switching gears when it comes to corporate gift ideas and realizing the importance of living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Here are some sustainable products we carry in the shop, which shows our brand commitment to reduce waste:

Not only is the BKIND Rose + Geranium Lip Balm all natural but the tube is made of 50% ocean bound plastic: turning cleaner oceans into packaging. Ocean Bound Plastic is a recycled raw material made from plastic waste that is in risk of ending up in the oceans.

The Bare Home Hand and Dish Soaps are eco-Sustainable natural cleaning products that are safe for you, your home and the earth. They are biodegradable, phosphate and dye free, and the glass jar is refillable and reusable.



Climate change is very real. A company that values decreasing carbon footprint shows commitment to sustainability in the long-run and will increase the inherent value of the employee appreciation gift. If you are a green company already, gifting sustainable branded gifts will further reaffirm your company values.  


VOLVO approached us to create Holiday Recharge Kits to send out as Holiday Employee Appreciation Gifts. Each custom gift box had to contain Canadian local products, come in re-usable, recyclable, minimal waste packaging, contain all natural ingredients, and come in a wood gift box locally made in Ontario. Being a sustainable company, their core values had to be reflected in these Canadian corporate gifts. So we got to work and delivered exactly what they wanted. See below:

zero-waste corporate gift ideas

Featuring Canadian small business, all these products come in compostable, reusable or recyclable packaging and every brand included has a sustainability initiative put in place. 

sustainable corporate gift boxes VOLVO
The VOLVO Holiday Corporate Gift Boxes came in pine wood boxes, locally made in Ontario, featuring custom engraving on the gift box lid. 


Incorporating greener workplace practices will ensure you do your part in reducing your carbon footprint and show inspiration to your employees to do the same. Connect with us today to discuss how we can create branded, sustainable corporate gifts. 

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